Hospitality is a service business. As the essence of service is to make customers happy, we understand that to meet that goal is not a simple job. Besides the good management and human resources, we also require excellent facilities, equipments and supplies. Although there’s always some procedures to make sure some demands are met, but it’s always a challenging job to find a reliable business parterner for long term cooperation. For 30 years, we have been investing ourselves into being the one. And for that purpose, we got ExVita(EV Hospitality). Now with our business growing bit by bit, ExVita(EV Hospitality) is benefiting more and more companies and people.

About ExVita & DIL

ExVita(EV Hospitality) is a brand of DIL(Dynamic International Limited). This brand name originated from two Latin words: Excellentis Vita, meaning “excellent life”. It’s the ultimate purpose of our service.
Dynamic International Limited is a pioneer in hospitality. It’s precursor started with business in fabric weaving since nineteen eighties. It survived a few ups and downs, and get into the business of hospitality supplies since 2012.
We invest ourselves into the service and products, with our heart and soul. For any quality complain from customer, we take full responsibility.

Our Cooperative Brand