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Banquet with Chinese

At a formal banquet, be prepared to give a short, friendly speech in response to the host’s speech.
You are supposed to say a few words usually.
When inviting Chinese to a party, serve a “real” meal rather than snacks and drinks.
When invited for dinner, it is polite to sample every dish served.
Your host may serve some food for you(and it […]

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Bed Size Overview

Different area has different standard for bed size, even in the same name.
So in order to have a better idea, I did some search and find a table as below:

if you wish to find more detailed information, check WIKI.

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Having A Meeting with Chinese

In China, important persons always go ahead of the group.
Westerners better observe this convention so as not to confuse the Chinese.
Important guests are usually escorted to their seats. If the meeting room has a large central table, the principal guest is likely to be seated directly opposite the principal host.
When exchanging business cards, hold out your card using both […]

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Are You Familar with TOG?

Today I was asked by one client about “TOG”.
This is new to me, actually, I have cross checked the Chinese National Standard, I don’t find anything related.
After a little homework on internet, I find one article very useful.
TOG is a term used to describe “feel of warmth”.
After review the explanation, I think this TOG index is redundant.
Once we have […]

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Greetings: Your First Time to Meet Chinese

Address a person using his or her family name is preferred, such as Mr. Wang or Ms. Zhang.
But it’s alway polite to call his title when doing business, like Director Wang, Manager Zhang.
Avoid using someone’s given name unless you have formed good relationship with him or her.
Formality is a sign of respect, and better clarify how you will address […]

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How to Select Suppliers before Factory Visit?

Before futher contact with your suppliers or your factory inspection/factory visit, you need below basic information to screen them from your long list of candidates.

1. Company Background
Date of founding, factory scale, Main products, major markets, Annual turnover, famous clients.
Certificates like registry certificate with the government(to know registered capital, registry date & expiry date), management system certificates like ISO etc.

2. […]

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